A New Friend

I made a new friend at Disney world, (we go every year) and his name is Daniel he works at Coronado springs, if you don’t know what Coronado springs is, I will tell you! It is a Disney World resort, there was a place there that I went to every morning, because Grandma really liked coffee and they had coffee there so we went every morning, for breakfast.

He always gave my sister Jade and I chocolate milk.  And if you have ever tasted Disney’s chocolate milk, you’ll know that it tastes pretty good :)

And now every year when we go to Disney we always go and see Daniel!










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The Memory Coat

The Memory Coat

by Elvira Woodruff

Grisha  lives in Russia  His mother died when he was just a little boy.  His coat is made from his mothers own coat.  He loves his coat because he can feel his mother inside.

Grisha had to leave Russia because the cossacks were coming to kill anyone who is Jewish.

So his grandpa said  we had to go to America. and they had to make a good impression otherwise they would probably be separated forever. so they went to America. Grisha had a piece of paper and a pencil that he found on the ground and started drawing to the story his cousin had been telling. his cousin’s name is Rachel. Rachel and Grisha loved telling stories together.

I love this book  because it is such an awesome story of courage and i think you should read it!


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My Purple Pepper

Purple’s my favorite color. So when Dad brought this pepper in, I really wanted to have it!

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